Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Rigorously selected powder materials are used, and quality control is carried out through an integrated production system from mixing, forming, sintering, to shipment in compliance with ISO 9001. As Sanalloy’s cemented carbides produce components for various industrial fields, we have introduced high precision machining equipment and a pressurization-processed sintering furnace. Supply capacity has also been significantly increased by facilities. We offer high quality products with short delivery times.

Inspection System

An inspection system with top priority placed on quality has been established by product inspection using various state-of-the-art analytical instruments. Reliability and safety are ensured.

Determine raw materials (WC powder, Co powder and other powders) by composition ratio of each grade and the weight.

Homogeneously mix and disperse various raw powders by using dispersing and mixing apparatus. Achieve activation of particle surface.

Press the mixed and dispersed powder by molds and make compacted items as cylindrical and block shapes.

Conduct heat treatment at 550~900℃ in order to obtain a strength capable of forming compacted items.

Formed items will have 20% shrinkage in sintering process. Therefore, we form into the shapes according to customers’ request in anticipation of this shrinkage.

Put formed items into sintering furnace. Conduct liquid phase sintering at 1300~1500℃.

Conduct products appearance and shape inspection, quantity confirmation.


Conduct heat treatment by using 98 MPa Argon gas as pressure-transmitting medium. Remove prove remaining inside of carbides.

Deliver the acceptable products to customers after packing with eco-friendly packaging materials.